Good morning, beautiful.

A bright new day with

all-in-one hydrating serum

For Minimalist
A healthy, glowing complexion through
powerful, botanical components
Locally handcrafted

Koko Remedy is formulated for minimalists who want to live simple. Our goal is to make all-purpose, everyday-use products with a focus on results. One cream moisturiser can be used on the face, body, hands, and hair, day & night. Made with an organic, sustainable, ethical, and honest approach.

Bundle & Save​


Retreat to a deep forest

Keep hydrated while mildly refining Calming & soothing with Australian blue cypress​


Essence of Tree of life

Organic Baobab & Raspberry smooth skin for everyone Intense glow oil


Activate Rejuvenation​

Restructure, regenerate, stimulate head-to-toe. A little goes a long way

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